Data drives us, this is one of the most used mottos among all the organizations. Most of us would like to make our decisions data-driven. That will give us more confidence about what what we have decided. This is not always easy.

It’s even worse when a bunch of people needs to agree on the decision. Because each of them may bring their own data. Comparing apples to oranges is challenging at best and at worst really hard.

Latency Map was born to help the business to make better decisions, bringing latency metrics to the stage. If you achieve that these data become the source of truth, you nail it.

This is the first step to stop neverending discussions about if that measurement is better or worst than mine. At Adevinta, we have used Latency Map to decide on the best cloud regions to deploy our services while minimising end customer latency.

We’ll be glad to share our journey, including the tech stack we used, options we dismissed, lessons learnt, and some actual findings from the latency-measurement data we are collecting.

The journey that allowed us to come up with a complete product, and how the outcome, actual latency data, may help you to make the best decisions in your trip to the Cloud.


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A good speaker, though a bit weak in spoken English. I'd have preferred that the topic was presented with more focus on the technology that to the corporative internals.

Buitaker at 18:53 on 6 Jun 2019

Good speak, and glad to see same scenario we have with internal IT...

Miguel A. at 19:18 on 6 Jun 2019

Good explanation but it's possible he need more real examples.