Developing a Reactive Process Manager, Twice


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Excellent talk! I was a bit afraid that I'd have a hard time understanding everything as I have mostly just PHP experience, but I should not have been afraid. The theory of the actor model was presented in a really clear way, and the code samples were actually pretty clear! I love how easy it is to read Scala code! Thank you very much!

Great speaker with a great talk. Clear explanation of the Actor Model and how why everybody should at least give SCala a try :)
Nice to see such a crowd interested in the same thing.

Kudos to Vaughn, as you could see he wasn't feeling so good, but still managed to give an excellent talk.

Good talk, well delivered, especially given that the speaker really wasn't feeling too well! The examples given were very clear and served their purpose well. The Scala/Akka examples were well presented and clear, but the C# part felt a bit rushed. If the point was that C# is much more verbose than Scala/Akka is then it was fine, but if the speaker really wanted to show the code he should've taken a bit more time to do that.

Great speaker and interesting topic, evident by the may discussions and debates afterwards. Looking forward to learning more about the topic and scala

Excellent talk, now really want to get into Scala and Akka even more.