The influence of functional programming (FP) on how we build JavaScript applications is growing. Going truly functional is looking more and more like the right thing to do, but FP still has the stigma of being difficult. Elm, a functional language that compiles to JavaScript, aims to fix this. This talk and live coding session will cover:
- Core concepts and benefits of FP
- Elm's focus on simplicity, ease-of-use, and tooling
- The experience of using Elm in production

Speaker: Michel Rijnders (@ugly_syntax)
Philosopher trapped in a programmer's body; software romantic. CTO at TruQu and organizer of FP AMS.


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Great talk and hands on introduction to Elm. Live coding is always tricky business, but the speaker seemed to have no problem with this at all. The only comment I have, is that some of the more functional aspects were just added without explanation. This is understandable and the speaker explained this beforehand: once you are so engrained in the FP way of doing things, some of the language features seem trivial to you, whilst for others with little to no FP knowledge, they might seem arcane or strange. This is the only area I think that could be improved a bit.

The audience seemed to follow along quite easily though, so maybe I'm wrong :)