Let's Write Some History!


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Anonymous at 20:57 on 27 Jan 2015

Interesting topic and well constructed talk. Could use a bit more explanation on the concepts behind it: maybe less code examples and some more diagrams explaining the concepts.

Excellent talk on event sourcing!
Very good explanation of how event sourcing could work in practice and what problems it can solve.
I really liked the way you approached the concept from the perspective of data loss; it made it easy (almost obvious) to understand the benefits. Which I don't think is easy to do.

Besides being well structured the talk had a good pace and you handled yourself very well, with all the questions and discussions getting thrown at you.

Very impressive for a first time speaking on the subject.

Anonymous at 01:26 on 28 Jan 2015

Super interesting talk on a topic I've honestly never thought of before! Well done, thank you! I agree on the less code examples suggestion though. Maybe some conceptual explanations would clarify a few things right from the start. Anyway, thanks to you and the lively discussion everything came across very clear!

Very good talk on an interesting topic! Speaker was self confident and really knew what he was talking about. The only suggestion I would make is either explain the parts of DDD and CQRS you're using or try to leave those techniques out completely. Saying "It happens there but I won't explain it" isn't very helpful and as you've noticed the audience will ask for repeatedly until you have to explain it in the end anyway ;)
Also, if you give this talk again you may want to (have somebody) proof-read you slides, as there are a few misspellings on there (e.g. "will" instead of "we'll").

I enjoyed the talk. Good content that made Event Sourcing feel accessible.

Perhaps a simple flowchart that shows the sequence in which things occur in the example could reduce some of the questions.

I think that explaining CQRS conceptually (source not necessary, I think) may help as well. (visualizations)

Anonymous at 21:32 on 28 Jan 2015

Great talk! I came in with only a vague idea of how it exactly worked-- the combination of discussion with code examples (even though PHP :) really made it possible to see how I would do it.
_mallory (I'm sooo not joining another network-thingie...)

Interesting talk, I enjoyed it a lot.
The speaker was well prepared, I also liked the way he handled audience's questions.
I agree with some of above comments that a couple of flowcharts might have helped.