Making mistakes is the best way to learn. It's also the most expensive way. At Procurios, we've been learning for well over a decade. In this time we've worked on tons of projects for many customers. We've written millions of lines of code, and deleted just as many. We've made functional designs and we've made backlogs. And we'd like to share what we've learned with you.

This non-technical talk will give a brief overview on how we do the right things, do the things right, and do things better. We will look at user stories, create persona's, construct a story map and gaze upon an actual real-life fail wall. Come learn from our mistakes, for cheap!


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Bit late to the party but here is my feedback.

This was the second time for me to this talk. The additions where interesting to me and you got your point autocross. The picture with a demo for feature development flow (the one with the bike, car etc) was a bit confusing at first and took my attention away from what you where saying at the time.

Still a very nice talk for who is interested in implementing Agile.