One Box Doesn't Fit All


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Good and interesting talk! Brought with enthusiasm and humor. I enjoyed it!

Good talk. Good structure, good build-up, good pacing, good amount of information. Could use a little tweaking and cleaning up to make it from good to great.

The speaker was confident and was pleasant to listen to. Personally, I found the talk too much of an overview so I found it hard to keep my attention 'highly available'. Would've liked if we got down n dirty with some actual tools and code as well instead of very basic examples of trivial memory leaks. Building applications that scale horizontally can be very non-trivial so I would've loved if the talk had more focus on this! This way you both amuse total beginners in the audience as well as people who are already familiar with some scaling techniques.

P.s. does not allow me to give half ratings :( but for me it was in between "had potential" and " worth hearing"

Frank de Jonge is a good speaker. Talks loud and clear and fluent English. Good preparation of the talk (115 slides!) and accessible for each level of coders, even with no knowledge of PHP or javascript. He explains his code examples very clear. Good presentation, 45 minutes of server talk without the audience getting bored. Good achievement! Frank could easy answer the questions from the crowd, so he actually knows his stuff by heart. Had an very interesting evening.

Very interesting talk, a lot of general information about the subject, put together in a presentation which was easy to listen to, understandable and kept my attention. Well done!

Anonymous at 16:11 on 28 Jul 2016

Great overview talk. I think some deeper details/examples could have made it in even with beginners in the audience, based on the quality of this talk as-is (time allowing). Funny slides, good descriptions. Nice loud voice, didn't need the mike.