When Bruce Lee started his own martial art, he took all the best traits from the different flavours of Kung Fu and adapted it, to make his own unique version that suited him best. In this talk, I will draw parallels between software craftsmanship and how Bruce Lee approached honing his skill. In the end, I will prove to you that Bruce Lee was, in fact, a software architect.


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Anonymous at 09:59 on 28 Jun 2017

Very nice talk, thanks! The examples of the code bases not showing what it does was nice. Maybe you could include an example of where it actually is clear from the file structure.

It's a great talk brought by a great speaker. I would definitely recommend to watch this talk when possible.

Jeroen brings the subject in such a way, that people from all levels would understand. So many times talks are brought as the next silver bullet, but Jeroen can convince everybody that our profession isn't that black and white. There is no perfect solution that works everywhere. There is not abstraction that should always be used. There is no single talk that provides all the answers, that even includes this talk ;)

Anonymous at 21:08 on 28 Jun 2017

Nice and fun talk with some stuff to think about!