Program Derivation for Functional Languages


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Anonymous at 10:19 on 5 Apr 2016

Great talk, great delivery!

Some basic math symbol knowledge is recommended, but then again everything is explained very well. The talk did seem to be 15 or so minutes shorter than there was content, so in the end it seemed quite a bit of the proofs were just given rather than derived.

Would certainly recommend! One can never have enough pluzzles and timesles!

Anonymous at 10:34 on 5 Apr 2016

I was looking forward to this talk as it was way out of my comfort zone. The beginning was very easy to follow, but when we reached the sorting problem, I needed all my mental faculties to keep up. I think that the syntax was too unfamiliar to keep all of it stored in my brain and be able to reason at a high-enough level.
Furthermore, while the matter was very interesting, I was not convinced I should apply program derivation in my daily life. If this is not your goal, then: no problem. Isn't there an example where you would truly take a shortcut with program derivation when compared to "natural programming"?
It's easy to complain about negative things so I feel obliged to note that the presentation of the talk was superb, however. You are easy to follow and keep everyone's attention like a boss. Keep on goin'!

Corstiaan Hol at 11:10 on 5 Apr 2016

A great talk, with an even more energetic delivery by Felienne.

Some basic knowledge of math symbols and basic derivation will help you to understand this talks a lot faster. I see what potential program derivation has, but I was not yet convinced how and why this should be applied to Line-Of-Business applications.

The fourth quarter of the talk was a bit to rushed and because of that somewhat harder to comprehend, this talk would need at least 15 minutes more time so Felienne can slow down.

Felienne has a great and enthusiastic way of giving a talk!
It took me some time to get used to the math symbols, but she explains everything very well. It was interesting but I don't yet see how I could apply this to my daily reality.
Nevertheless, I think it was an excellent talk!