Evolving software systems often includes data schema changes, and those cause the need for data conversion. This is no different in event sourced systems. Converting data between schemas while continuing the operation of the system is a challenge. In this talk, we will look at the possible conversion operations, the techniques to execute them, and strategies for deployment with zero-downtime. We will look at the possibilities and the trade-offs for designing and implementing upgrades for event sourced systems.


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It might have been my expectations, but during this talk I was hoping to learn about actual production use cases where the developers faced a particular unexpected or compounded issue. However, during the talks I learned the system was still being developed and is yet to go live. As I was working on a live event sourcing system at the time, this didn't increase my confidence that the content would be relevant to me.

Overall, the speakers had the right mix of relevance and entertainment, to keep the listeners engaged. The switches between the speakers felt quite forced, though.