Introduction to D3


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Gerben at 16:42 on 1 Jun 2016

Nadieh is a gifted speaker who knows her subject very well. Her approach to the tutorial of D3 is highly effective and alternating between code samples and visual examples works well.

Great presentation style, and solid introduction into D3. Speaker shows her passion and enthusiasm when it comes data visualisation, and manages to excite the crowd. Very well done. My one point of improvement would be to give some examples when we would/could/should use it over other 'standard graph' libraries. The amount of options using d3 are seemingly limitless, so it helps us the listener to know when this tool could make the difference.

Anonymous at 11:34 on 9 Jun 2016

Excellent talk. She seems to have given talks before.

The structure of the talk was very good-- shows off all the cool stuff first to pull people in, then afterwards goes into the line-by-line coding example. The example also went well because when it's done, you feel you could jump right into d3 yourself and have something working quickly as well.

I can't really think of any improvements to the talk. Speaker voice was loud enough, slides were good, the full knowledge of the speaker being able to quickly bring up other (web) resources while answering questions... this all worked well.

Anonymous at 11:46 on 9 Jun 2016

This was an excellent talk. Nadieh is an excellent speaker and sticks to explaining the subject matter clearly and concisely.

She started out with a clear explanation of what D3 is, how to use it and what to use it for, and followed up by creating a useful example that was easy to follow code-wise. She continued by showing more examples of D3's power, which at that point the audience was eager to see, and closed her talk by offering resources for those of us who wanted to learn more.

Questions were answered to the best of her knowledge, and she was not afraid to defer to the Web when she wasn't sure of her answer.

All in all I would not mind attending a future talk of hers.

Joralf at 15:34 on 15 Jun 2016

Excellent and inspiring talk on how to use D3 for your visualisation purposes. By explaining the core of D3 really well I already improved my D3 implementations the next day. Presentation was well structured with a clear start, middle part and ending. Keep it going!