An Introduction to Functional Programming using Haskell


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Awesome introduction into Haskell. Interaction with the audience was great, sometimes even hilarious. A nice introduction into Functional Programming and Haskell.

Great little introduction into Haskell. The story may have been hard to follow for those with no knowledge at all of Haskell. It would have been good to properly address the syntax: what makes up the "argument list", what are type variables, how are variables applied to functions etc. The interaction with the audience, however, made up for all this.

Great idea to do live code examples. A brave but wise decision to skip the monads. Please pay a bit more attention to the syntax. It's not that hard but it tends to confuse people.

Anonymous at 15:49 on 4 Dec 2014

Interesting talk! I do still think that for each Haskell example doing some math or whatnot, an equivalent in something like Python alongside would help people see *what* the Haskell would do, even though I understood your fear that people would then think that that was *how* Haskell was doing it.

Best thing about the talk was getting to know Haskell syntax.