Getting Started with Ansible


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Nice introduction talk into ansible, the comparison with jargon of other confmgmt-tools like Puppet and Chef made a good comparison to the audience when they already know those tools, to see the differences.

Live demo's are always cursed, but these went fine and showed just how the tool worked and 'felt', which i think was a real addition for the audience to 'click' with the information on the slides.
The cat-slides were a nice distraction from 'just the information' to keep it light and have humor :)

Liked this talk from Erika, even though I'm already using Ansible for a while, I still managed to learn new things :-)
It's a good introduction into the possibilities of Ansible and some guidance how to arrange your Ansible configuration.

Anonymous at 13:15 on 29 Oct 2014

Good intro to Ansible. I felt I could just set it up on some machine right there without prior experience.
They are soft.

_mallory (no account here)

Very good introduction into Ansible.
Good structured talk; started off with some quick basic Ansible commands and how to configure things, but quickly moved onto an overview of the more powerful features and how you would want to use them.

Erika has a way of making things - like diving into Ansible - look very easy. Well done.