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I shouldn't give you a high score, because you can't have nice things, but I had too much fun and learned a couple of things. Great talk! Informal, but that was perfect for this evening.

Anonymous at 10:13 on 30 Sep 2015

Talk was funny and had some LSD. Due to the broken nature of All The Things, my only question at the end was "When do we all commit suicide and set everything on fire?" But further, it's amazing how now almost everything running our lives is sitting atop a very broken and haphazard pile of crazy, mutated turtles. The End Is Near!

Slides needed some somewhat bigger text for readability (or I'm going blind... wait, actually I am so I could be wrong), but otherwise well done taking a complex topic and letting us know that it's complex without forcing us to wallow in it (so I will excuse the Doge this time :P ). Talk was presented clearly, without hesitation and while Everything Is Utterly Terrible, the speaker clearly enjoyed living and working on the topic.