Stack Overflow ⚡ Top Ten Tips!


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Sound advice, well presented. Maybe an open door here and there, but that's alright. Seemed well timed too, fitting well into the lightning talk slot.

Anonymous at 10:08 on 30 Sep 2015

I'm not really concerned with making a name for myself/creating a public profile, but since the tips generally followed esr's "how to write a question" it gets good marks from me :)

One quibble with #6: Often when I'm dealing with something new to me, when I get weird error messages, I will paste those into DDG and often running into them as the question (okay not "undefined is not an object" but similar ones sometimes) on SO is exactly what I'm looking for if there are answers: someone will say *why* that error appeared, whether it's a bug in the software or user error, and what if any workarounds or fixes there are.

Talk was well-paced, no stumbles, enthousiastic, and had some fun in the slides, very nice.