Experiences Building Apps With React Native


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Jerry Verhoef at 11:40 on 4 Nov 2016

Wow, amazing presentation very well prepared. Insightful I definitely will take a look at react native.

Wouter de Wild at 08:26 on 5 Nov 2016

Well prepared! "Live" coding felt really live and you've got me really interested in React Native.

Very insightfull and very smooth livecoding

Anonymous at 13:37 on 5 Nov 2016

Anonymous at 15:30 on 5 Nov 2016

Well prepared. Good presenter. Interesting stuff and I liked the demos a lot.

Anonymous at 10:40 on 6 Nov 2016

Great talk, good presenter. The recorded code moments were a credit to the presentation. It feels like live coding without f*cked ups or any kind of falter. Before this talk I know that React Native exists. But know I really had an trigger to look deeper and will do some experiments with React Native.

As a rookie on React i found this talk very easy to comprehend and got enthusiastic to try building my own app in React Native - that's a win! The slides and recorded coding were very nice and clean and really supported the talk.

Jeroen Boersma at 10:47 on 7 Nov 2016

Well prepared and good format. Easy to listen too

Awesome talk, has been a while that I don't see such a well prepared and such a good timing in a talk with "live coding".
I wouldn't have anything else to add, but I'll try to tell on what to make better:
- You have built safety in the beginning by telling the "agenda" for the talk, I think in some cases it's not necessary, since your timeline is well build you can just go on without pre presenting
- Before switching the subjects you had a review moment, it was good and you could maybe improve it a bit more, I'm not sure if it was improvised or not

That's all based on my opinion tho, the presentation was awesome!

Rick Kuipers at 11:54 on 7 Nov 2016

It's great to see someone put that much effort into preparing a presentation, it had a clear outline and I loved the videos showing everything. I would recommend this talk to anyone who's looking for a introduction into the React landscape.

Anonymous at 15:10 on 7 Nov 2016

Great way to present code implementations, with very nice examples.