Abusing Phones to Make the Internet of Things


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Jeroen de Jong at 20:36 on 14 Nov 2015

Great presentation about what the future could bring us if we keep thinking outside the box. Very entertaining with a great live demo

Great live demos, entertaining and experienced speaker. Great way to end the day!

Awesome, inspiring closing keynote. Tech is awesome, and Jan showed why. Thanks!

Anonymous at 10:36 on 15 Nov 2015

Entertaining, great for closing out the day.

Anonymous at 10:42 on 15 Nov 2015

Amazing speaker, amazing talk, tons of fun!

This talk woke me up, in more ways than one.

First, the speker is super-energetic, not afraid to make a fool of himself - which makes him a pleasure to watch.
Second, the "internet of things" isn't just some marketing blah used as an excuse to slap electronics in everything (like a kettle, so you know when the water boils. Really??). You can actually do some really insane but cool things, if you only try. And try we will!

The closing keynote was in the spirit of the conference. Exploring new ideas, hacking, trying out new things, playing... Also very well presented and fun!

Great closing presentation

Loved the energy on stage!

whoohoo, nice last talk of the day.

Jan, you rock. Man, I did have a nice laughs during this talk.
Also took some nice insights home about the IoT.

Great closing! Enthusiastic, inspriring and food for thought! Really cool to think and look outside of the beaten path for new ways to interact with the real world! (and having code in there and a working demo was really awesome!)

Great talk, especially considering it was a last-minute kind of thing.

Awesome keynote showing how the world will connect, and how thinking outside the box can be extremely fun. Very inspiring! I loved how browsers will play a role, and with which you can make full use of all the sensors in your phone, something that almost everyone carries.

Next time, try juggling three phones! Good closing talk, liked it very much!

Sounds cool anyway!!