Building Open Source Communities


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Very interesting talk. Good start of #domcode15.

Anonymous at 12:16 on 14 Nov 2015

Very decent keynote (even though I'd disagree with some parts).

Even in hearing most of this talk for a second time, it's still very inspiring.
Fail often, ants!

A very good way to start a conference is to kick off with a well-known speaker with opinions that are sure to be at least partly controversial with respect to the audience. Other than that Hintjes speaks from experience and it shows. You may agree or disagree with the contents of this talk, but it's worth listening to and thinking about.

Jeroen de Jong at 20:29 on 14 Nov 2015

Great start of the conference, it kicked off with some interesting things to think about

I've got quite a bit of experience with open source communities, but I actually got some very good points from this talk about working with contributors and about licensing. Food for thought. Thanks!

Great keynote with some ideas that give food for thought.
Not sure if I'll start merging PR's on the spot, but will definitely give it more thought.

Anonymous at 10:37 on 15 Nov 2015

Very interesting talk. I enjoyed it a lot. The ant colony analogy was excellent.

Anonymous at 10:37 on 15 Nov 2015

Great introducion! Going to research into how to apply it to a closed-source community

I found this talk was very inspirational. I was motivated to make a change and take action in a way that conferences haven't motivated me in years.

Nothing short of brilliant in it's exploration and insights towards open source communities. I will remember this for a long time.

Really enjoyed the talk and even more the chat I had with the speaker afterwards. I was skeptical on some of the points, but the chat afterwards completely changed my mind and made me see things I can change and how it all works.

Controversial and intriguing!

I was as impressed with the delivery (no slides) as the content of this keynote. Pieter Hintjens absolutely makes you think, and points out that many things we do come from a mindset that is based on nothing but assumptions (of the ego).

I do have to add that the points/rules delivered as absolutes in the talk where later nuanced in a personal conversation, but that does not detract anything from the talk.

An inspiring talk that finally managed to put into words what was in the back of my mind for a while - "Throw away your ego!"

Every programmer, involved with OSS or not, should hear this talk. I hope to start using some of the advice from this talk in my day-to-day job as well as in my OSS work.

Decent keynote talk. Even though the subject wasn't tailor made for me, it was well worth listening.

Nice kickoff for the day, some useful insights.

Great key note: no slides and very entertaining! Good way to start the day :)

It did give me some thought on how this could actually work in practice. Cool!

Very inspiring talk and like everyone else said, it gave a lot of food for thought. It was probably the most discussed subject in the evening.

Very nice talk.

I really enjoyed the way he put the human relation as a motor of everything else.

Anonymous at 18:40 on 16 Nov 2015

Controversial talk. Good for a keynote. It really fired up some interesting discussions during lunch.

A great inspiring keynote. Perfect for a start of a conference.

Great keynote to spark some though. While I do not fully agree on all points made, It does encourage placing yourself in the person on the other side of the internet (the contributors).
Huge +1 on trying to get rid of ego. And thanks for making me rethink about open source licenses.