Building Web Applications With Docker


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Anonymous at 12:17 on 14 Nov 2015

Great in depth talk, almost like a tracer bullet for how Docker works.

Not the first docker talk I've been to, but definitely the most insightful. Great talk.

Great intro to Docker. Good, experienced speaker. The talk brings everything it advertises.

Very good introduction to Docker. I now know what I could or couldn't use Docker for.

Anonymous at 10:38 on 15 Nov 2015

Great introduction into Docker.

I liked this talk. But, I think that I'd like to see a direct sequel to this talk more. Something that assumed some prior knowledge and went directly into building up some environments.

I would have preferred to see a bit more insight in the difference between VMs and containers as well as maybe a little more exploration of docker itself. That said, the talk was well delivered and I am delving deeper into the subject because of it.

Really enjoyed this talk as an introduction to Docker, it finally painted for me a good picture of the goal of containers and how Docker fits into that, without all the ranting being done by other speakers.

If I had one tip to give it would be to align the configuration files in the various slides and demos since they all were slightly different from the other, this made me lose a few moments trying to figure out why instead of being immersed in the talk.

Laura did a great job speaking, well paced and energetic.

Loved this talk. Good pace, experienced speaker, great content. Thanks!

Loved the talk, skilled speaker! I use docker already, nice to see I'm doing it the right way.

Nice introduction. At the end I became somewhat lost.

I'd heard and read about docker quite a lot, but this talk tied it all together for me. Good talk and good speaker.