CQRS and Event Sourcing in practice @ Qandidate.com


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Very enjoyable talk, and very very complete. The narrative could be a bit more clear, as event sourcing/CQRS are complex subjects, a visualisation of the total picture and/or summary would help.

This was one of the talks I was looking forward the most during the day, because of it this perhaps I was a little disappointed.

I do believe the talk delivered on what it was supposed to do, but it was very unorganized, you have to learn both event sourcing as well as the code relevant for qandidate.com and separating the two wasn't always clear to me.
Regardless, I found the talk interesting and look forward to hearing more on the subject!

I think this talk's content is great and focuses on a practical look into Event Sourcing, which is exactly what I was looking for, not a "what is event sourcing" but a "this is how we do it". For that it was awesome.

The presentation however could use some "ironing out". I was very confused by the jumping between code samples from classes that I had no idea where they fit in the big picture, maybe show a "map" of the parts talking to each other, before jumping into the code so we get a better sense of where we are going.

Some of the code samples had "lines you can ignore since its not relevant to our example", just remove those lines, less confusion. I think using the domain of your own wok is great, but this talk may go by easier with a simplified domain, or by skipping the details that do not pertain to the topic itself.

The pointer not working was a shame and seemed to throw Willem a bit off, but i did see the passion for the subject, and think with a bit of buffering this will be a amazing talk for people looking for a practical look into ES.

Good talk, although I was missing a... convincing of why event sourcing and cqrs is good for me.

There was a lot of code in the slides, and after a while I just couldn't keep track of what is being done where and why.

Didn't understand it fully, maybe it covered too much or it could be narrowed down to one subject.

Still found some useful information to take home.

A very interesting and complex subject that is hard to deliver. I really like the practical approach of showing real life implementations. However, I found that showing only complex code examples is hard to follow. If you could add a few more diagrams, visually oriented people like me have a much easier time.
I really hope you will continue work on this talk and be happy to see you with the next version at another conference, or PHP Amsterdam or so. :)

Very interesting subject but I really missed the bird eye point of view of the code sample that you were showing.