Introduction to Web Components


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Anonymous at 10:42 on 15 Nov 2015

Decent talk. Liked that you personalized it and that you covered all the standard questions of browser support and alike.

The delivery was pretty good, I liked that there was a team presenting rather than just the one person.
I had some prior knowledge of the subject, even though I didn't realize it was called web components and I feel they explained it very clearly. In the end I still don't agree with the concept or usage, but they showed the implementation pretty well I think.

Very nice well rounded off talk. Both speakers were very good on stage, I just feel Remco needs to take a bit more care in speaking clearly, some bits were hard to understand.

The subject was very well explained and I liked the level of detail.

Touched upon a lot of issues. Would have been a great talk if the demo's were somewhat better.

Decent talk and great to see a team presenting.

I didn't like the way the presentation started: coupling web components to solving <div>-soup. A tiny bit later web components were linked to (element) semantics, but that really isn't the purpose of this bundle of tools / technologies.

First and foremost, "web components" are a toolset for developers to build isolated, reusable, portable and extensible UI components. They don't flatten the DOM or make the web any more semantic. Web components can by definition only be as semantic as the element they extend. In other words: web components may make the web less accessible / semantic if lazy developers create components without extending the proper element (eg. creating a custom checkbox without extending <input type='checkbox'>).

The presentation made use of abstract examples, even though there are real world examples to demo (fe. the <time> element extension on GitHub).

One last word: I found it hard to listen to Remco, mainly because of his pronunciation and speaking in monotone. Carmen on the other hand was very easy to listen to and that made for a big contrast between you two.

That said: it takes great courage to speak to an experienced audience on a stage like that. Much respect to that and very well done. Keep preaching! :)

Didn't know anything about this concept. Maybe because it isn't a accepted standard yet. It would be nice that it is coming to browsers in the near future.

Good questions from the audience which could be answered correctly.

Liked the talk... The duo-presenter style usually makes stuff more difficult to follow along, but you two did pull it off nicely!

You both clearly knew your stuff (and again, sorry for hijacking the question time as pointed out by @RafaelDohms afterwards. It seems it wasn't appropriate)