New Insights From Small Data


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Anonymous at 12:22 on 14 Nov 2015

Very well presented, but assumed (IMHO incorrectly) a rather low knowledge level for the audience (conference go-ers know what graph databases are or at least can be taught in 2 instead of 20 mins, and for sure we all know what pagerank is...).

Excellent introduction that shows how much can be done with only a little data. Only thing I would improve is the use of the word "right", you use it pretty often.

This talk convinced me to try neo4j in a project at work soon. :)
Rik, a very calm and easy-to-listen-to speaker, gave a very real-world demonstration.

Anonymous at 18:01 on 14 Nov 2015

Anonymous at 10:39 on 15 Nov 2015

I got distracted by the usage of the word "right" at some point.

I liked this talk but I would have liked it more if it wasn't quite so introductory. Right? ;)

I enjoyed the start, but found myself expecting a more in-depth view right until the end of the talk. Some examples showing the difficulty in solving a certain problem with and witout a graph database might help here.

(and I also noticed the total imbalance between use of the word "left" versus "right" ;-) )

Four thumbs, mainly for the way Rik presented the subject and made it very easy to listen to. Great public speaking skills. As for the contents of the talk: I loved the introduction, but I missed technical debt.
Even though it didn't trouble me, using terrorism as key subject of your talk is questionable. It's hard to predict if the timing and the tone with which you talk about it land with your audience the way you would like to.

It was an entertaining introduction to the subject.

The presenter clearly knew his stuff. I unfortunately did as well and hoped it would go a bit more beyond the casual introduction.

I do however also want to mention that with the last minute change of beers to terrorism it kind of bothered me that it seemed the presenter was `gamifying` the data discovery of the highest amount of deaths on a single day... I can fully understand the excitement of working with data so easily visible and graph-able, but with the given subject this kind of felt... 'off the mark' ? I don't know, might have been just me.. :)

Well delivered talk. Good introduction to graph databases.

Personally, felt like this was a very watered down talk regarding what can neo4j do. Would like to see a more in depth view and examples of performance on bigger datasets. Otherwise, speaker did very well and clearly passed the subject to the audience.