Parsers All The Way Down? Exploring Combinator Parsing


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Jeroen de Jong at 20:32 on 14 Nov 2015

I think it was a good introduction of the subject. You could tell she is very enthusiastic about the subject. A point to improve is to try and speak more to the audience instead of reading the presentation from your laptop.

I think the talk did not really hit the mark as an intro to parser combinators. I had some knowledge of the subject so I could keep up, but I think that people with no prior knowledge probably could not, especially given the number of pretty abstract examples in Haskell.

As a speaker, Stefanie was well understandable, held a good tempo and had a contagiously cheery demeanor. The talk would have benefited from some more preparation, since Stefanie had to read most of the material from the laptop, which decreased the connection to the audience.

Anonymous at 10:40 on 15 Nov 2015

Liked the subject but the presentation was off. Felt like a technical documentation being read aloud.

Anonymous at 11:32 on 15 Nov 2015

The speaker could have been a bit more spontaneous, but as an intro talk I thought this was excellent. I have no background in parsers (though I have seen other talks about parsing) and thought I grokked what she had to say.

Though honestly I think this talk would have worked out better for a lot of audience had it been scheduled before Dr Hage's talk (as I believe it helped Igor's talk). They sort of complimented each other but came in the wrong order :)

I have an interest in this sort of content, although my knowledge is very rudimentary.

I felt like a little more context for everything and a bit more 'stair stepping' the knowledge would have been helpful.

That said, I had some insights about the subject while watching the talk and while discussing it afterwards that were quite pleasant.

Please keep giving this kind of talk. If more conferences had this kind of content, I would attend more conferences. However, consider connecting the audience a bit more to the material by building up necessary concepts first before diving in. For example, a more deliberate exploration of the code examples and how everything fits together.

Initially I wasn't too certain on going to this talk, and frankly, the first 30 minutes I wasn't too excited about my choice for it on the day. Near the end of the talk things started to click together a bit though and I could make sense of at least part of the information that came around, which really helped. I thought it was a great subject, and I will definitely go/come back for more.
Both the talk and delivery need work though, Stefanie's enthusiasm is just bursting out of her, which is awesome to see.. but sadly not all of us are as smart as her and I for one could definitely have used a bit more dumbing down, especially at the start.

Absolutely loved the energy on stage. The talk was very enlightening but i felt there could have been a few more connections here and there to more practical applications. It is refreshing to see "out of the curve" talks like this, but as I'm not very familiar with the topic i did get very lost in a few parts.

I think a bit more rehearsing and refining would get this talk to a sweet spot, but i could feel some parts were very scripted and theoretical readings from the notes. I much rather see a simplified understanding of the subject then having the textbook recited.

Stef speaking was a pleasure to watch due to the energy and excitement about the subject, great speaker.

Most of what I wanted to say has been said, so a short summary:

- Stefanie Schirmer is a very energetic speaker which I loved (although the audio tech chould have turned the volume a little lower)
- Some of the content was read from the laptop, that was distracting
- I could not follow all the steps, I could have done with some more in-between steps.

3 thumbs up, but certainly a candidate for more when the talk is more polished.

It was great to see Stefanie's energy and enthusiasm on stage. Reading content from your laptop didn't bother me at all.

That said, I didn't really enjoy the talk (but I tried!). I haven't worked with parsers much and I found it really hard to follow. It was my perception that I just entered a very theoretical and abstract world with it's own language, grammar and context, without proper introduction. I guess having experience with the subject made it easier to follow, but I don't think that was the target audience of the talk.

A slower pace combined with a more thorough introduction that uses concrete examples would definitely help me.

Nice talk about basic concepts behind programming, I didn't catch everything(my stupidity perhaps :)).

It was high level talk, speaker had enough experience imho.

I really liked the talk, it was a very complete overview of the base of the subject.
Because the subject is quite dense in your talk, I think that I would add a few slides to recap a bit were we are in the talk and what's left to build with the parsers.
Also, a few time you weren't audible because the micro was to far from your mouth I guess.