Quines Upon Quines


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Anonymous at 14:57 on 14 Nov 2015

Anonymous at 10:41 on 15 Nov 2015

Yes! A talk that leaves me thinking way after the end is a great talk. Will I ever apply it in my job? Doubt it but I will definitely play with it. Thank you!

Anonymous at 11:14 on 15 Nov 2015

This was a very well given presentation! I had no idea what quines are but the talk had a gradual, interesting introduction that allowed me to follow the rest. Pulling facts from different disciplines together was very inspiring.

Anonymous at 11:17 on 15 Nov 2015

Interesting! The talk teaches: what quines and logical programming are, how one kind of code is analogous to another and how they're related, a bit of history (though, while Emmy Noether rocks and was le awesome, I didn't really see how she fit into the particular "one math to rule them all" story). Plus getting more developer eyeballs to look at Lispy langs is always awesome.

I liked learning about microKanren and the like. As always, these sort of topics bring me pleasure. However, I would have liked to see a little less history (I still like the history, but time is short) and a bit more deliberate explanation of some of the more mathematic concepts (so that I could walk away with a few more mathematic concepts).

Igor delivered an amazing talk, this man is a pro at presenting. I regret not seeing more of his talks. Maybe the talk was a little heavy on the history and I'm definitely going to have to watch the talk again to really be able to process it all I think. I found the talk really interesting and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Absolutely loved this talk! I have always enjoyed watching Igor make me feel dumb on stage, but this talk brought in a bit more of the "human aspect" then previous ones. The insights into the connections between subjects was absolutely brilliant and the history gave me amazing insights into what we do as developers.

Igor was especially sharp on stage, he looked really comfortable up there and that shined through the story he was telling. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the openness and honesty you brought to the stage.

I've never passed on an opportunity to watch Igor rock the stage and I'm glad I did so again. One of those rare speakers that makes it look so easy to be on stage, an inspiration all the way.

I enjoyed the history lesson, but if I had to choose I might have liked a liiiiiitle more time on the logic gate to full adder bit because that just made a wooshing sound as it went by... which probably resulted in an idiotic question at the end. Sorry about that ;-)

Excellent talk. I really appreciated the history lessons. In the end I got lost a bit, but took that as inspiration for my next subject to study.
Igor is a comfortable speaker and I had a good time watching him have fun with his subject.

This talk after Stefanie her talk was a nice continuation.
A even deeper dive in the history of logics.

It is nice to have a experienced speaker who can tell in a somewhat fun way.
Could I catch all, no I didn't, could I catch some, yes I did.

I really liked the way he made connection between seemingly unrelated subject and computing.

Anonymous at 18:45 on 16 Nov 2015

Well what can I say. Its Igor. So I had high hopes which he totally met! Great talk that was fun and interesting in every aspect. Not a single moment left me distracted. It was well paced, touching and academic. I really felt like I learned something. Keep up the good work Igor. You're an amazing speaker!

IgorĀ“s talks are always good, and this one on computability was no exception. The talk was well paced and structured.

For people that want to explore the gates, adders, etc. part I recommend the nand2tetris course (http://www.nand2tetris.org/course.php). It's a lot of fun.

Anonymous at 15:49 on 17 Nov 2015

Great talk by Igor! He could have explained the Quines a little more or gone a little slower.
Then again I was blown away by the historical information and the implementations that where shown!

Can you upload the book/paper reference that were in your talk ?