To Framework or Not To Framework?


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Very nice format of presentation, the coffee analogy was very funny, would like to see that more developed.

The talk did give the opportunity of a nice discussion.

Anonymous at 14:37 on 14 Nov 2015

Anonymous at 14:37 on 14 Nov 2015

Enjoyed the talk. It's especially nice how the speakers were reluctant to draw a conclusion, and instead opened the floor for discussion.

I liked the talk! The presenters had a clear vision of where to go and keep the discussion alive (well after)! Its also great that they kept it away from a tabs-vs-spaces flamewar. It could have gone a bit faster imho, but all in all great talk!

Anonymous at 10:10 on 16 Nov 2015

The speakers presented a lot of good points, but the pace could be a bit higher.

Good talk. Like the concept of a discussion, it is really hard to pull of, so credits for taking this approach. Could be made better by providing examples for the arguments both parties are using to make their respective points.

Anonymous at 15:44 on 17 Nov 2015

To be every honest I expected more. The talk was very general and felt like a group discussion was the goal.
There where no actual examples of when a framework maybe better compared to no framework, also the definition of what is a framework was not really worked out.
The speakers did a good job and where solid also the coffee story was good but this could not make up for the little information that was given.

If they are planning to do this talk again I hope they set a boundary for example focus on Front-end (JS) or Server side HTTP frameworks.