Web Development That Hurts Even Less: Taking Lessons from Rails


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Anonymous at 17:59 on 14 Nov 2015

Jeroen de Jong at 20:34 on 14 Nov 2015

As a non-ruby-developer I found it very interesting to listen to. Great job

Interesting talk. Although I had expected the talk to go wider than just Ruby (especially after the intro) it was interesting to see the Ruby stuff. Thanks!

Though this talk was mainly about ruby, the principles that were discussed are applicable to every language / framework.

Nice narrative and to the point code examples.

Good to see the Ruby community opening up, although after the intro the speaker gave, I was expecting examples and ideas they got from working with and learning from other communities.

Nice talk although i would have expected the speaker to further look beyond the borders of the Ruby language ... Since I was hoping to see a more meta-discussion on 'leassons learned from RoR' than `this is how other Ruby frameworks now solve issues`...