(Re)building modules for Drupal 8


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The talk was really good overall, and I really appreciated the fact the speaker took some time to explain basic Drupal vocabulary at some point to attendees with no Drupal experience (that would be me).

I only set the rating to 4 on 5 because I think the code showed could have been slightly better using invokable class as callback instead of class methods and some other minor possibilities of improvements by pushing forward modern PHP best practices as found in Symfony or Zend 2.

Once again, great talk, I especially enjoyed seeing some code during this presentation!

This was an excellent talk. I attended a similar talk at DrupalCon in Barcelona but the concepts were completely new at that point & that talk went very fast! This was a good opportunity to revisit the subject and the key aspects of converting modules from Drupal 7 to 8, including some idiosyncrasies, were well covered. It's a shame there wasn't time for the mini code-sprint, but that would be a great idea for a future Drupal Scotland event.