After starting on a brand new project you're burning trought those user stories like a freight-train. Your velocity is high and your project manager and/or client is happy. But after a while the changing requirements, nasty bugs and the pressure to deliver those new features start turning your code to spaghetti/lasagna. All of a sudden simple changes take hours to implement. Your velocity is reduced to that of a drunk snail and your deadline rushes closer. Your project manager starts bothering you about every little bug and the client is requesting a refund.

Recognisable? Then this session is for you.

You'll learn about software craftsmanship, professionalism, estimation and ways to assure and maintain code quality. It won't make your code bugfree or prevent your client from changing their mind (and the requirements as a result), but it will give you the tools to stay calm, professional and in control of your code.
This session is aimed at junior/medior developers and project managers that would like to manage their projects more effectively. A basic understanding of programming paradigms is helpful but not required.

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Bram Driesen at 15:08 on 13 Sep 2017

Will make me think twice now on how to write better code. Especially the part about return statements of functions.