Employers always want the best developers. Developers want to be the best. Blog posts, Twitter and Medium articles are rife with tips and tricks to be better, to hack/sling/ship/craft/bodge out better code more quickly, to be more productive etc etc... and if you're not top of the heap you're doing it all wrong and everything sucks! Allegedly.

I'm a web developer, now also managing a team of developers at an award winning digital agency (Torchbox). In this session I want to share my understanding of what qualities, priorities and behaviours really make a difference for developers of all skill levels and how to apply them to deliver value into any project or organisation you happen to be in.


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Tim Regester at 20:49 on 2 Jul 2017

This was an inspiring talk, it exceeded my expectations. The opposite of the suggestions from the talk adequately explained all the things wrong I have experienced in working in some agencies.

The advice was mostly really good and I disagreed with very little of it.

A good talk, well delivered and highly useful.