This is a site builders level talk, and focusses on some of the breakthrough ah-ha moments I have had in my time as a freelancer.

I did this talk at Drupal Show & Tell, London at the beginning of the year. The idea for the talk came about when I was talking about how I wished that somebody had done a talk to try and bridge that knowledge gap and nudge people that don’t code into the right direction, using some of the more simple terminal commands and definitely drush and some drush aliases for syncing.

Once I started to use some of these tools my workflow became “supercharged” …

I also briefly go into some things in that area: about what it is like to be a freelancer and how the right tools for the job help us out here too ...


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Oliver Davies at 20:37 on 2 Jul 2017

A good mixture of technical and non-technical tips about Drupal site building and freelancing in general.

Ana got a little flustered though mid way through the talk when almost everyone put their hand up after being asked "Who uses Drush", which I think took her aback and worried her that it wasn't relevant or too simple for the audience - although it was labelled as a beginner talk. She continued and finished the talk, and I'm glad she did.

Johan Gant at 09:51 on 3 Jul 2017

Firstly, well done Ana for taking the time to share something in a talk - it's not always an easy first step :)

I feel the talk itself might have sat more comfortably as a BoF with a more interactive element to it, but in any case it was really useful to hear how Ana works, what tools she uses and where she sees things progressing.

I hope the few small stumbling points won't put her off sharing more in future.