Drupal 8 makes use of Composer - a tool widely used in PHP for managing dependencies.

Composer's introduction hasn't been plain sailing. There are now several different ways you can install Drupal, and a concern that this is one more barrier to entry for new Drupal users.

We'll try to address some of the confusion surrounding Composer, by answering these questions:

* What problem does Composer solve? Do we even have that problem?
* Drupal's documentation mentions "drupal/drupal" and "drupal-composer/drupal-project" as two alternative ways to install it? * * * * * What's the difference? Can't you just tell me which one to use?
* The installation instructions I see talk about "8.x-dev". What if I don't want to use a dev version?
* I'm not very familiar with the command line. Is that now essential for Drupal development?

We'll also look at some practical tips if you decide to use Composer:

* Should I use exact versions or patterns for module dependencies?
* Do the dependencies go in the code repository?
* Do I need to run composer on my server?


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Alick Mighall at 12:17 on 1 Jul 2017

Decent presentation. Good Q&A at end.

Tim Regester at 20:41 on 2 Jul 2017

Composer is confusing, even if, like me you have read all the composer documentation, using it with the drupal 8 can be really confusing. It still needs better documentation and to be more stable and it needs it's own issue queue on drupal.org. The talk covered many of the bases, one aspect it missed is excusable because it would really confuse the unwary.

George Boobyer at 21:03 on 2 Jul 2017

Always a pleasure to hear Erik present. He often covers topical issues that are commonly faced by most of us. The adoption of composer within Drupal has yet to settle down and find a comfortable place in our traditional work flow. This presentation provided a great summery of the options.