In this session a currently Provisional member of Drupal Security Team gives a broad overview about how security bugs are present and could be prevented on Drupal projects.

He's going to go through the 4 stages of a bug's life:

The Eggs - Planning and Security by Design
The Caterpillar - Development iterations until the first release
The Chrysalis - First releases of the application
The Butterfly - Maintenance releases and activities

Attendees can take many conceptual best practices away that suppose to raise security awareness from the beginning of projects until reaching the maintenance phases.

We'll check tools and processes regarding Application Security and also understand the basics of Vulnerability Management - how they increase the quality of web applications and why mitigation and remediation plans are crucial to managing projects on a large scale.

The session is meant to be a Project Management one, but Technical staff also can benefit to understand needs and implementations of secure application development.


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