Drupal needs a modern UI for rich content creation. This fall WordPress 5 is out with the brand new Gutenberg editor, a decoupled React based editing experience. It works great! And: It's open source, so we ported it to Drupal. Combining Drupal and Gutenberg is a killer combination, empowering content authors to build rich landing pages inside a rock solid CMS framework. All Drupal project owners want to provide the best editing experience possible for their users. Whether your site is a university site, a non-profit site or a high traffic news outlet: You want to empower your editors to grow your digital presence. Drupal 8 is a rock solid CMS framework packed with powerful admin features. Our only complaint? Drupal needs a modern UI for rich content creation. Solutions based on Panels, Paragraphs or even the new Layout module contribute to a complex workflow. Drupal admin can feel quite overwhelming! In 2018, you expect a CMS to be both flexible and easy to use. Building a shiny landing page shouldn’t be hard!


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