Drupal 8


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Interesting to hear the Drupal story from Sensio Labs UK's point of view but I'm not sure this was of wide enough appeal nor rehearsed enough for an opening keynote.

Anonymous at 12:50 on 24 Nov 2013

Some okay technical info revealed but a bit bewildering and 'matey' for people new to the Drupal community

Anonymous at 14:05 on 24 Nov 2013

Anonymous at 10:53 on 25 Nov 2013

I thought it was a slick, well timed presentation, entertaining, informative, and lasted the exact allotted time.

Anonymous at 10:21 on 26 Nov 2013

It got kind of strange in the "adoration" phase where the presenters cuddled the images of the software creators, akward.

Talk was ok but not really professional enough for an opening keynote which is a real shame.