Drupal 8: Undercover Initiatives


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Anonymous at 13:50 on 30 Sep 2014

Anonymous at 13:53 on 30 Sep 2014

Thanks you for all the informations, I can't wait to try d8 ! Small remark : try to stay close or away from the mic, otherwise you create a annoying sound effect by moving around.

Thanks for the talk, very informative! Content was as expected, which is good!

Anonymous at 15:29 on 30 Sep 2014

Thank you so much!!!

Great talk, great speaker.

a good overview about drupal 8 novelty

Excellent talk on the latest developments of Drupal. Clearly explained and very engaging - got me really excited for what's to come in D8! Thanks!

But would agree, staying near to the mic would be better. When closer to the mic it was much clearer to hear. Maybe that is more to do with the room setup than the talk.