Hypermedia APIs and Self-Building Applications


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I'll give just 4 stars here because i18n like currencies were not taken into consideration. Otherwise a great talk.

Anonymous at 01:00 on 9 Jun 2012

@Werner Keil - The app was a demo app I built specifically for the presentation. I simply didn't have time to do everything I wanted to do, so I had to settle for simple string translation to demo how you can provide i18n support via the API. The whole purpose was simply to demonstrate how you might use a Hypermedia API to drive the entire app, not to be a fully robust and finished app.

Anonymous at 21:57 on 10 Jun 2012

Would like to see the slides of this presentation

Very interesting. Would like to get the slides and maybe be able to play with that small app some more.
Twinkie FTW

@Adina -

The GitHub projects are linked from the demo slide in my presentation. The links are:


Titanium Mobile App: