Progressive enhancement for Android web apps


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Chiu-Ki rocked it. I don't know Java, but almost feel comfortable writing a native Android app after her talk. Great explantation, teaching skills and energy.

Anonymous at 00:56 on 9 Jun 2012

Totally agree, it was a great talk!

Great energy and tempo. Nice walk through android native development.

This talk was very interesting, when I think of progressive enhancement I think in terms of CSS and Javascript. But it turned out to be an awesome talk about how you enhance a website to an app on Android. I really loved the punch line saying that what Chiu-Ki told us was actually how Phonegap works internally.
What I always did for Android was just copy over all the Phonegap stuff and configure my project, but this really gave me insight in how I can bend things to use it for the better. And that is very useful when it comes to creating real apps, in present day you still can't do everything without doing some native stuff.