Best practices for securing your mobile app


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Very interesting talk, did not know so many (web)apps are that insecure..

The subject is great and the topic have potential, but I found the talk quite annoying. For me it has to do with the pronunciation and articulation and where you put the emphasis in the sentence.

Anonymous at 19:50 on 8 Jun 2013

The speaker seemed confident in what he was talking about. He uncovered so many potential problems that I convinced myself to never ever buy an android device :)

I could have listened to this talk for a whole day, there is so much to learn about how to make your app's more secure on one side and even more about the possible hazards of attacks and leaks to the apps but also the weaknesses of the mobile OS'es.

The speaker was very experienced in the subject, but also in doing talks, I've enjoyed it.

Great talk that really pointed out a lot of problems in mobile security. Good to learn about the OWASP top 10. The speakers attitude towards the room was kind of intense, which made sure everyone was paying attention.

(Also, extra happy to own an iPhone right now :-))

Anonymous at 09:46 on 13 Jun 2013

Most slides were from a OWASP top 10 presentation, with too much text. He did give a lot of examples to help understand the top 10 a little better.