Debugging Mobile Apps


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So this talk:
* Had me entertained.
* Taught me some tools that I had never even heard about.
* Made me a better informed person.
* Had me inspired to try it all out.
* Gave me the "Aha, of course, DOH feeling"

So, all in all, even tho the live demos completely failed, that added some extra humour to the talk and kept me really well engaged into the rest of the talk.

The speaker managed to explain what the tools were all about without even making the demo work, and I think that's a proof of how good she knows the topic.

All in all: Well done and thank you!

Anonymous at 16:30 on 10 Jun 2013

How can you give 5 stars if nothing in the demo worked? Of course it sucks if things don't work and I feel sorry about that, but I think the talk wasn't prepared well.

Anonymous at 02:37 on 11 Jun 2013

In spite of the computer issues, she did a great job describing what the demos would have displayed. I learned a lot, and was impressed by her ability to continue a talk in spite of the obvious browser issues. I am not going to put down a star because a browser tab crashes. rather, give a +1 for the professionalism of enduring thru so many technical failures.

The clown car technique was fascinating. I am looking forward to playing with it.