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I came hoping to get some well thought out advice on what devices should you currently be testing on and best practices for testing and this speaker certainly delivered.

Some tools (like Edge Inspect, Ghostlab and browserlabs) and best practices were introduced and a lot of attention was given to open device labs.

As for the qualities of the speaker, he appeared very calm and knowledgable. Maybe for a change this speaker can try to be more animated?

One thing I would have liked to hear more on is best practices across Open Device Labs.

I came here to learn about testing on mobile devices, but that was not what this talk was about. The only message was how cool it is to start an open device lab, and even that didn't come across because it seems that if you do, you still are lucky if you get a visitor once a week.

The history of the internet? Why?

Why I should test? Every developer knows he should test, other speakers urge yyou to test toom but that is about automated testing. This was clearly not the case here.

Multiple sheets about brushing your teeth? Why!? Just mention the comparison with teeth brushing and everybody knows what you mean.

I hoped to get information about automated testing on mobile devices, but this talk wasn't about testing at all.

Total waste of my time.

I've enjoyed the talk, the introduction with the metaphor in the beginning could have been shorter. Paul gave us some good tips about how to test on multiple devices, particular the one to go to a telecom shop and test as many devices as possible is very nice.

The speaker has a lot of knowledge and experience about this subject, I think he can improve his skills as a speaker when he could involve the public a bit more.

Anonymous at 16:47 on 10 Jun 2013

45 minutes in a few words:
"You need to test, we started an open device lab"
Would've been a lot more interesting if the talk was about good methods for testing, how to narrow down errors, etcetera.

Anonymous at 10:01 on 12 Jun 2013

It was nice to hear about Open Device Labs. I didn't hear about it yet. But in the end it came to the conclusion I already drew myself: test your apps on real devices.

A bit lengthy introduction, but a good reminder to the degree of difficulty involved in mobile testing, because of the huge device and browser landscape.

The talk gave a good overview of available methods for device testing, and presented a handy step by step list on how to adapt testing in your organisation.

I expected a bit more in-depth examples and demonstrations of tools and possible debugging aids. Also, the author seems too ideologic in his thinking to include all sorts of feature phones in testing (sadly, a big part of the device lab pictures mostly contains this type of phone). I think you should consider a more pragmatic approach, setting the baseline a bit higher (starting with low-end smartphones). Did you recently meet anyone who uses the internet on a feature phone?