Get Off my Internets - building offline web applications


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Interesting talk. Good presentation style to keep your audience awake :). Loved the code samples and your site with the trialtool is really good. Would love to see more of a comparison between the offline strategies next time and less talk about libraries. It's good to know there is a jquery plugin, but a demo wouldn't have been necessary.

Even though I am not a starwars fan, I still liked the theme of slides. Just try a presenter next time so you'll get to the next slide easier :)

Very relevant talk about the best solution to keep users using your web app happy despite of flaky 3G, wifi or airplane modes. Parashuram showed how you do this the verbose way, and then how to do it practically using the right libs.
I missed real world examples of apps that use these libs (are there any?) But loved the Star wars references:) and liked the mentions about the available documentation to get started quickly.

I thought this was a great opener to the conference. It covered topics that are currently of interest.

The code snippets were very clear and easy to follow. The Trial tool is brilliant.

Speaker delivery style could be improved by stepping away from the keyboard.

Anonymous at 09:56 on 12 Jun 2013

Nice talk about the different options to offline your web app. It gave some great insight into today's available solutions.

Not sure about the Star Wars theming.