The right framework for your mobile web app


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I missed the point of the talk. It was basically "you could use Sencha or jQuery" and you presented some student efforts. It was way too basic for my taste. Your presentation skills are a bit boring (sorry) and you lost me after a few minutes.

Anonymous at 09:03 on 13 Jun 2013

It was nice we could play around with some of the students mobile solutions. However, I was expecting a bit more research for this talk from the presenter. I can't imagine jQuery Mobile and Sencha touch to be the only frameworks around.

Showed work of students. Quite boring presentation...keep us awake please!

"The cases are illustrated with example implementations of the ToDoMVC application" in the description of the talk, was that even mentioned? The only slide he had about the choice of the right framework was a sheet with some titles of articles.

You can choose between jQuery Mobile , Sencha touch...that's all?
jQuery mobile speed: acceptable, Sencha touch speeds: good. Ok so my decision is based on only that?