SPL, not a bridge too far


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I found it an interesting introduction in one of the most underestimated parts of PHP (my humble opinion). I'm looking forward to PHP 5.3 so I can use the splQueue in my next project. It was maybe a bit short though... I would have loved more examples on the 5.3 additions.

The talk was a bit short, but very informative. Didn't know about all the performance gains if you use SPL. Definitely will be using it from now on!

Great talk, I've been using SPL for a while now, but clearly not enough yet.

Gave a good introduction if you've never took a good look at SPL. The session was a little short though.

It was a bit short, but it was an excellent overview of what is in SPL and what it can do. It was a good support for convincing people to start using SPL, or use it more.

Good introduction into SPL, could have done with spending a bit more time on concrete examples the audience can relate to before moving on to the next feature.

I promise I'll start using SPL more (and maybe post examples back to php.net).

It was an introduction to SPL, but really short. I would like to see some more real world examples of how to use it. I also would like to see some better benchmark tests to see the real impact for performance.

All in all an interesting topic, but there is much more to it to tell about.

I don't want to speak badly of the presenter because he did a genuine attempt, but I felt the talk did not really give the necessary insight on the thoughts behind why working with the SPL is "the right way", nor were the examples or benchmarks very good. Seeing that there was a lot of time left at the end, I would suggest for a next presentation to add more examples, for example traversing a directory tree using the RecursiveIteratorIterator in a oneliner, using the interfaces ArrayAccess and Iterator in your own class (so few people know this), building some data structures, and doing real benchmarks (e.g. 100,000 iterations).

I have only recently worked with SPL for the first time, and I feel like I should be using it more. This session has proven that even the parts of your code you "take for granted", like array traversing, can affect your performance. Perhaps the examples were not very complex, but it showed us that even the smallest aspects of your code can benefit from using SPL. However, as other attendees have pointed out, since the session was finished quite early, I would have liked to see more advanced usage. Like how your own class can implement for example ArrayAccess or Iterable, and what you can do with it from that point on. But hey, now it got me curious to go figure it out :)

A great introduction to what this SPL is all about, but for some reason the room didn't really come alive which hampered the talker who was expecting some more interaction, it got better at the end though. I also would have liked to see some more examples in the sense of how you can use SPL to be more powerful then the old functions.

I really need to have a closer look at this, sounds very promising.

Nice introduction into SPL. The speaker is right in saying this part of PHP is under-appreciated. It is not hard to see the various implementations for it. Thanks for a real eyeopener!