All the Little Pieces: Distributed systems with PHP


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Very nice talk on distributed systems and caching!

very nice in depth talk with code examples on memcache. As always Andrei captures the attention of his attendees. GREAT

Excellent talk, thanks for the excellent work on the extension also.

A metric ton of info in this one. Even experienced memcached jockeys learned new tricks. Great to see MogileFS & Gearman being viable solutions

Good talk. Maybe fewer topics and more in detail with other parts.

Good talk, quick introduction and hands on examples. Good balance between overview and depth, and getting the audience's attention.

I have learned a great deal from this session. I have used memcached before, but even then, it was very insightful to learn what I could have done differently. Excellent stuff Andrei!

Excellent talk, in-depth enough for techies, while not too technical for some people.

Really good and thourough talk. Very nice to see how some things are done at Digg.

Really enjoyed this talk, lots of new info - even on software I'm already using.

Perhaps too much info for the small time window, but overall very interesting.