Alternative Databases


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Quite a nice talk about the databases, although the end was a bit rushed. Didn't stress enough when relational databases are a better choice and when the alternatives are better. Relational databases are not all bad. It depends on the circumstances.

As a sidenote I would be interested to see if these alternatives would be good to use for ORM applications.

I liked the general approach of showing NoSQL databases as an alternative to relational databases (but then, I'm biased :) In addition, the respective intros were very helpful.

Nice talk. Love the accent. Maybe a bit to quick and a bit more focus on the PHP angle on the matter.

Good talk, nice primer into these alternative DBs. If slight overlap with CouchDB presentation was avoided, the other DBs could have been explained a bit more.

Entertaining, clear and informative. Thanks Scott!

Great speaker, content was good, if a bit broad and lacking in depth. Good last-minute coordination with @janl to avoid duplicate info.

Seen some cool stuff, but it was a bit too theoretical imho. I missed some practical use cases when to use a classical RDBMS or an alternative.

Good talk, very informative. Maybe a bit too much for a single talk (explaining non-relational databases, giving a complete overview of the current options plus usage examples, that's quite a lot to stuff in one session).

Great talk! Too much information to process all at once, so I'll have to go through the slides a couple more times :)

Do I really need a RDBMS? Don't think so after this talk.