Building a platform from open source at Yahoo!


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I hadn't read what this talk would be about, but I generally like what Yahoo is doing with tools, services and open source (we're a heavy user of YUI and Yslow) so I checked it out and I'm glad I did. It had a good introduction to some interesting tools and services that were new to me and I've already sent out some pointers to our 'front-end' guys. At the same time it is always refreshing to hear how other 'shops' create and run their web projects and the speaker did a good job of mashing up these topics with humor.

I'm glad I attended this talk. Dustin showed some very nice things they are doing at Yahoo! and helped me confirm that I'm doing stuff with the right tools. Shame this was only a one hour session. I've been using Firebug and YSlow for ages now, just never figured to check some of the other stuff Yahoo! does, until now. Thanks Dustin!

Since I am already quite familiar with symfony and it's ways, the part about why Y! adopted symfony was less interesting. I was amazed by the amount of free data API's that are there, and will dig into those soon.

Overall, the information was very well-presented. This timeslot was the hardest choice for me, and I am very happy with my choice to see Dustin speak.

Wow! Pretty amazed also at the amount of API's now offered by Y! Will definitely be checking that out more in the coming weeks.