Code & Release Management


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Excellent overview of deployment basics and the different strategies to do release management. Each with their advantages and problems. All sprinkled with real-world experience and examples. A great talk for for both beginners and experienced attendees.

Great talk. Nice stuff to know. But I have stuff to do when I get home.

Nice presentation. I know virtually nothing about versioning tools, other than that they exist. That part was interesting for me. But as Andrei pointed out, I would really have liked a view on the entire picture, with CI, unit testing, ...

Perhaps my expectations were wrong, but I was expecting something more indepth and more about the actual release management. This was more a talk about "how to use svn"

Very easy to listen to, but I missed some stuff like how to effectively use svn:externals for common code base management, and maybe some more in-depth of the actual *management* of the releases. But, that's more of an expectation issue, the content of the presentation was fine.

Good talk, smooth presentation, excellent content. Would have liked a bit more depth concerning deployment (especially DB deployment), but the part about branching and release strategies was very helpful.