Everything you always wanted to know about UTF-8 (but never dared to ask)


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Great talk, there where some things I indeed didn't know yet.

Now this was a quick touristic ride through the bumpy landscape of charset, character encoding and unicode!
Love the hands-on examples of how to do it right. Slides are compulsory for every webdev, not only PHP!

And Joel Spolsky can rest assure that *finally* is done about the issue.

Thanks for this excellent talk!

Very good session. Wish I had been able to see the whole presentation.

Great talk, loads of extra material to look at on the slides too!

This presentation is soooo relevant for my work right now. Bottom line: do UTF-8, always, all the time, everywhere!

Excellent presentation Julliette! Learned quite some new stuff about character encoding and charactersets. People should give this more attention in their workflow. I'm glad I learned where to do what. Great job!

Top notch. Very hands-on best practices on how to deal with UTF-8 in your application and also some useful background information about why unicode saves the day. Combined with some quirky humour and energetic speaker made for a very enjoyable talk.

(I've already rated it, but have an additional comment as well.));
insert into talk_comments values (I like this talk, with lots of good information. At some point you mentioned that most PHP functions are not UTF-8 "compliant"—that could perhaps do with an example (such as wordwrap issues).

One of the best of the conference, and a persistent reference for those who are confronted with charsets ... so basically all of us

Awesome presentation! Pace, structure, depth, humor, everything was spot on. Plus of course tons of relevant, eye opening information. Thank you.

This was most probably the best talk I've seen at DPC, and it even competes in my list of all-time best talks. Excellent presentation, a lot of information, brought in a way that made it easily understandable. Excellent!

Sorry... The anonymous one on Jun 15, 2009, 13:12 by ANONYMOUS was me...

Very good talk highlighting techniques and pitfalls of utf-8 enabling your applications. Some of it obvious, other bits not so. Lots of info to take in but presented in such a way that it did not overload. Thanks!

Good talk, most of it should be common knowledge for every developer by the way. But even for the people who mostly know the pitfalls, it was entertaining.

Very good presentation, packed with useful information and resources. I would recommend every developer to at least read through the slides to get an impression about the talk.