Keeping Web Applications Lean and Mean


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This was the worst talk I attended, had barely anything to do with PHP or webdevelopment in general, but more with sysadmin stuff. The IE7-crashing-a-backend-story was a complete fail. The only thing Robert could say about it "I've read it somewhere on the internet, just look it up yourself".

Very catchy title. But content and description doesn´t match the title of it.

I still don´t know how to keep an app lean and mean. I do know what their Oracle product does.. but that wasnt really what keeps an app lean and mean?

"Oracle's "Real User Experience Insight" will be shown briefly" .. this wasn´t briefly at all. To my knowledge, it was shown during the whole talk.

Presentation was hard to follow as well because of the many ´euhs´ and no motivation in his voice. Better interaction with the audience please and a different title and description?

Same for me I'm afraid. I expected a lot more from this, given the title, and left feeling like it was really a sales pitch for Oracle's monitoring platform.

I also felt the methods suggested here for various things were a bit back to front and the suggested 'issues' of high traffic sites / apps can mostly be taken care of in the development environment by employing profiling, load testing etc. Disappointing.