PHP Compiler Internals


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It gave some insight into what parts are involved into adding functionality (not extension related) and some background information about the scanner(s), etc. It is a topic for a special crowed I think, but you handled it quite well.

It's probably impossible to make an internals talk "fun" so rating that would be unfair - but the talk was informative and clear, with solid examples. Sebastian was willing to go the extra mile to take us through the process step by step. Whilst I wouldn't recommend the talk to everybody - for those that wanted what it said on the tin, it delivered.

Thanks Sebastian, great talk. Awesome to see an example language feature being implemented end-to-end.

A good solid talk. Interesting stuff.

This talk was the most entertaining of all in my opinion. Well balanced yet very in-depth. If you've taken compiler courses, you get the immediate urge to create optimizers and new fun statements (a python-style multiple assignment sprang to mind). If the subject matter is new, there is a good discussion of the compiler's basics at the start and the discussion revolves around a well chosen simple example to demonstrate adding a new feature to the language.

Excellent talk, one of the top talks at the conference imho.

Very technical and very informative. This kind of things are always tough to present to a crowd of mixed levels of knowledge about compilers, but Sebastian did a great job. Thank you for sharing your insight.