PHP on the D-BUS


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I had never really looked at PHP in this way so found the talk very useful. While I probably still won't (at least for now) it certainly opened my eyes to a wider PHP world. The talk was well presented with examples and "audience interaction"

This is why I come to conferences. I would never have discovered this on the web. Excellent talk. Looking forward to hearing more about the work. -- (Kick self... remember to login!!)

Great talk, demonstrated very well how d-bus works and how you can use it in PHP. Or at least, how you can use it once he releases the code :). Especially the live demo's were very refreshing, cool gadgets that get controlled via php are always a plus.

Nice to see how PHP can be used for other implementations than you would normally expect. Some nice examples with great interaction with the audience, which is not found too often in a presentation.